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Issue:  Sarah presented with severely broken down, discolored, and malpositioned teeth. She was also having consistent jaw and muscle discomfort. Sarah was concerned about taking away more tooth structure and wanted things done as predictably and conservatively as possible.

Solution:  This case required detailed planning and a conservative approach to fulfill the patient’s goals. By utilizing a Kois Deprogrammer, we were able to find a bite position that alleviated her jaw and muscle pain. She then underwent Invisalign® treatment to better position the teeth. By doing so, she created an environment where we could treat the case completely prepless, no drilling. By restoring her teeth we were able to alleviate her pain, create a beautiful smile, and give her the predictability she long wanted. Additionally, by completing Invisalign® treatment, it allowed us to complete the case without removing any tooth structure or using any anesthesia.

Issue:  Brian presented with a desire to enhance his smile. He had a significant breakdown of his teeth, and at age 26 the long term prognosis was poor. He was finishing graduate school and wanted a more confident smile prior to entering the workforce. Being a recent graduate, finances were a major concern.

Solution:  Brian required very precise planning due to the fact that he was so young and had already done significant damage to his teeth. We had to balance providing him with a predictable result while at the same time being conservative and financially conscientious. In order to rebuild what had been affected, we had to build up both his front and his back teeth. Due to the financial constraints, this could not all be completed at one time. Therefore, we completed the front teeth with permanent restorations and made long term temporaries in the back. The best part about this case was that it was done completely prepless. Due to the additive nature of the case, no tooth structure had to be removed to achieve the final result. Now, Brian can convert those temporaries to permanent restorations over the course of years.

Issue: Kayla presented with severely worn teeth. It had been progressive over time, and she wanted to create a plan that would stop the wear from continuing. She wanted to create the smile she used to have before the breakdown of tooth structure occurred.

Solution: A diagnostic plan was developed to rebuild her bite into a more functional and esthetic position. Due to the significant breakdown of tooth structure, this required a full mouth rehabilitation, making the back teeth taller and the front teeth more esthetic. Due to the sensitive nature of this case, it was done without removing any tooth structure or using any anesthesia. We were able to be as conservative as possible while at the same time providing her with a beautiful and predictable result.

Issue:  Travis presented with numerous issues that would require an interdisciplinary team of excellent dentists. He had crowded and malpositioned teeth, missing teeth, and misshapen teeth. He disliked his smile and wanted to be confident in his appearance.

Solution:  The combination of issues that Travis presented with required orthodontic treatment, dental implant therapy, soft tissue (gum) contouring, and restorative treatment. All of this was planned in the beginning with the endpoint in mind, and allowed Travis to make informed decisions about his care. He completed orthodontics, had a dental implant placed, had crown lengthening (gum contouring) to create ideal proportions, and had conservative veneers placed to create an outstanding result.

Issue:  Crystal presented with four veneers on her front teeth that she was very unhappy with. She was getting married in several months and wanted to feel more confident in her smile on her big day. She also disliked the chronic redness of the gum tissue surrounding the old crowns.

Solution:  In order to create the result that Crystal wanted, we recontoured some of her gum tissue to create a more proportional look. Then, we replaced her preexisting restorations with much more esthetic veneers. Crystal was thrilled with the result, and the big smile at her wedding proved it.

Issue:  Tara presented feeling self-conscious about the appearance of her smile. Her upper front teeth had been damaged by trauma early in her life and they had been repaired several times with composite fillings. Over time, the composites had chipped and changed color.

Solution:  Minimally invasive all-ceramic veneers were placed to create a beautiful smile.

Issue:  Jessica presented with some moderate gum recession around her front teeth. This recession resulted in a gap between her front teeth that she very much disliked.

Solution:  By utilizing a layered composite technique, we were able to close the gap, match the color, and give her the smile that she wanted.

Issue:  Alison presented with moderately worn down teeth and significant joint or TMJ pain. She had multiple dental implants and her goals were to enhance her smile and become pain-free.

Solution:  Through a detailed process of determining a position that is most comfortable for her joints and muscles, we were able to nearly eliminate all of Alison’s pain. Once we determined this position, we were able to create a bite that maintained this position, giving her the comfort and esthetics that she desired.

Issue:  Christina presented with a congenitally malformed front tooth and generalized yellow teeth. She was entering her later years of high school and was very self-conscious of her discolored front tooth.

Solution:  In order to mask the color of the natural tooth, a single ceramic veneer was fabricated. Prior to this, a whitening procedure was performed in the office. Through a whitening procedure and a single restoration, Christina is able to smile confidently for years to come.

Issue:  Nicole presented with significant malocclusion. In fact, when she closed she only contacted on 2 teeth. Additionally, there were several areas of infection that required extraction.

Solution:  Through careful treatment planning, we were able to design a bite that would allow Nicole much more predictability going forward. We replaced all missing teeth with dental implants, and together, we achieved this amazing result.

Issue:  Carson presented with worn-down teeth and chronic cheek biting. He wanted to be more confident in his smile while at the same time maintaining a very natural appearance.

Solution:  Veneers were placed on his upper teeth. We worked hard with the lab to obtain the look and feel that Carson wanted for his veneers. There were several rounds of changes that were made and we were happy to make them. Achieving our patient’s goals is our primary hope.

Issue:  Cassie presented with discolored teeth that she wanted to be whitened. She had tried several at home and in-office whitening products previously without ideal results.

Solution:  We fabricated Cassie custom whitening trays and developed a whitening protocol that was specific to her case. Through a combination of at-home whitening and in-office treatments with quality materials, she was able to get this amazing result.

Issue:  Jane presented with congenitally missing laterals incisors and discolored teeth. Temporary bonded bridges had been in place for years and they had repeatedly fallen out. She desired a more permanent solution for her missing teeth.

Solution:  Dental implants were placed where the two missing teeth were and then crowns and veneers were utilized in the esthetic zone to enhance her smile and repair damage from the previous bridges. She now has a permanent solution for her missing teeth and a gorgeous smile.

Issue:  Robert presented with badly broken down dentition. Overtime his teeth had become shorter, discolored, and eroded.

Solution:  A full mouth rehabilitation was completed in this case. We were able to build back the areas of breakdown as well as protect the natural teeth from the environmental factors that had caused the discoloration and erosion. Sometimes, crowns and veneers aren’t just for esthetics; they provide a layer of protection against conditions that can be detrimental to the tooth structure.

Issue:  Victoria presented with a discolored composite on her front tooth. Trauma as an adolescent had resulted in a fractured tooth that was repaired multiple times over the years. She disliked the shape and color of the restoration and wanted a more permanent result that would not change over time.

Solution:  In order to stay as conservative as possible, a combination of whitening and 2 veneers on her front teeth was completed to give her this excellent result. Her veneers, unlike her previous composite restoration, will not change color or fade over time.

Issue:  George presented with multiple chipped front teeth. He had been an avid baseball player growing up and had taken a ground ball to the face. This resulted in multiple chips that had been replaced with composite several times.

Solution:  Porcelain veneers were utilized in this case in order to give George the predictability, strength, and esthetics that he deserves.

Issue:  Susan presented with previously placed crowns on her front four teeth and disliked how the front two were discoloring at the gum line. She also disliked how the front teeth appeared so much longer and disproportionate compared to her adjacent teeth

Solution:  This was a multidisciplinary case that involved some short term orthodontics, dental implants, and veneers/crowns. Unfortunately, the darkening of the front teeth was due to infection and required extraction and placement of dental implants in those areas. In order to achieve her goal of a more symmetrical appearance, a combination of orthodontics and gum recontouring was completed.

Issue:  Barbara presented with teeth that had yellowed and darkened due to developmental disturbances as an adolescent.

Solution:  Extremely thin porcelain veneers were utilized in this case. Through careful selection of materials, we were able to give a beautiful natural appearance that will give her confidence in her smile.