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Your First Dental Visit

What You Can Expect At Hinkle Dentistry

At Hinkle Dentistry, we are passionate about working with our patients to achieve optimum oral health that aligns with their goals and desires. We believe in listening to our patients and establishing a personal relationship right from the start.

On your first visit, Dr. Hinkle will spend some time getting to know you, reviewing your medical history, and discussing any dental concerns you may have.  In order to provide the best care possible, our patient exams are comprehensive and may be different than what you have experienced before. Your exam will involve an oral cancer exam, a detailed clinical evaluation of your teeth and supporting tissues (gums), joints, bite, and muscles. Additionally, a series of diagnostic images (x-rays and photographs) will be taken. Finally, we will digitally scan your upper and lower arches to create a digital health record of your teeth, including the bite for analysis. Evaluating this information allows us to develop a comprehensive plan that will address any functional or esthetic issues you may have. Generally, this takes about 90 minutes. If you have scheduled a hygiene visit in conjunction with your new patient exam, you can expect the total time here in the office to be approximately 2 hours.

Once you make your first appointment, you will receive a welcome email which includes a link to fill out your health history online before you arrive. All of the information you enter is electronically protected and encrypted to ensure HIPAA compliance. We appreciate the sensitive nature of your personal information and take your privacy and security seriously.


Our practice is a fee-for-service practice. Why are we fee for service? We never want insurance constraints to limit your care. We believe that you deserve a truly healthy smile, and do not want your insurance to dictate either the quality of your care or our options to treat you. Most of our patients have dental insurance and as a courtesy, we are happy to submit your insurance forms as well as any films and narratives which will help you to maximize your benefits.

You will be responsible for payment at the time of service. For larger cases, we are happy to discuss payment options.